October 15, 2015

Chapter Three [The Technique of the Color Woodcut]


This is a process of embossing for which a block is cut with thought of a delicate relief but no color. Much pressure is needed in printing. It is evident that such blocks must not be cut in reverse, and that the pattern to be printed must be impressed on the back of the print. Rain might be effectively suggested by this method, and some textures and patterns.


kept his color in pots, already ground in water and ready for use, and he sat on the floor “with his legs neatly tucked away beneath him,” as Mrs. Jaques describes Muratta san, “and was nearly lost to view behind piles of papers, blotters, printing blocks, a whole battalion of old blue and gray bowls and brushes.” But I cannot sit comfortably on the floor, and I like to mix color as I need it on the ground glass slab.

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